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3 Considerations When Buying a Second-Hand Guitar

Classical acoustic guitars in musical store
Assuming you will be taking guitar lessons, you will probably want to purchase a guitar for personal use. Buying any musical instrument is an investment, and a guitar is no exception. If this is your first musical instrument, then you can save money by buying a used guitar. Before you buy a used guitar, you should consider a few things.
Consider Your Playing Style and Do Your Research
Before buying a used guitar of any make and model, consider the genre of music you enjoy most. If you are a rock enthusiast, then you might want to invest in a second-hand electric guitar. However, if ballads or folk music is more your style, then perhaps you'd be happiest with an acoustic guitar.
If you see an acoustic second-hand model you like, then ask if it is a nylon or steel string model. While steel strings are most common and standard, a beginning musician might find nylon strings to be more comfortable for the hands. You should also note that nylon string guitars are most suitable for the classical music style, while steel strings are favored by many rock musicians.
As for research, consider the make, model, and year of the guitar you're looking to purchase. Do some research before you set out to buy, so you will know what specifications to look for. Also, ask where the guitar was made. The origin of the instrument may indicate the quality. Many guitars made in the USA are generally of high quality.
Examine the Neck and Body of the Guitar
Your second-hand guitar may be greatly reduced in price if there are dings or cracks on the instrument. A simple scratch or ding on the body may not be anything more than a minor aesthetic annoyance. However, a major crack along the neck or body may spread and worsen, which could eventually make the instrument unplayable or require an expensive fix.
A used guitar that is in good condition will have no warping on the neck of the guitar. Also, the frets should be smooth and free of damage, with little visible wear and tear. There shouldn't be rust on any part of the instrument. Tuning heads should be tightly affixed, with no signs of looseness.
You should pick up the guitar and see how it feels in your hands. Is the neck too large for your hands? Do your hands feel uncomfortable on the guitar? Make certain the guitar is the right fit, and don't forget to test it out by playing a few chords.
Ask About Included Accessories
Many used guitar models come with added accessories. Choosing a model that includes these add-ons can save you money. For instance, you'll need a guitar case. If the guitar includes the case, it's a bonus. If the case is a hard shell, this will provide the highest level of protection.
Guitar picks and strings may also be included with a used guitar. If you're opting for an electric guitar, then you might find a package deal which includes the amplifier. While accessories are not always included, if you can find a deal that offers these little extras, then you might want to take advantage of it and save some money.
Before you leave the shop, direct any questions you may have about the guitar to the music dealer or teacher. Here at Rhapsody Piano and Guitar, we will be happy to assist you so that you can choose the best deal and most suitable instrument for you. Come visit to see our selection and feel free to ask us about any specials currently offered on used guitars.


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