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Music Lessons for Adults and Children in Richmond

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of music lessons?

The benefits of music education are too numerous to count. Children gain self-confidence, discipline, and improved quantitative reasoning skills. Adults get a creative outlet, a new skill, and a stress release for the end of a long day. For all students, an education in music-making provides tremendous opportunities for personal growth, enjoyment, and enrichment.

What’s the best age to start learning how to play an instrument?

There’s no “magic number” when determining the best age to start a child in music. Since every child learns and develops differently, some students can do well at four or five while others do best at eight. Factors to consider when starting lessons include not only age but also attention span, maturity level, and reading ability. For guitar, the student must also be able to comfortably hold the instrument (junior-size guitars are available for younger students). We’ll be happy to discuss your child and help determine whether or not the time is right.

I’m afraid my child might change his/her mind. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. While we do require our students to agree to our studio policies before enrolling, there is no long-term obligation or contract. Our tuition is charged monthly on the first of each month, and we simply ask that you notify us in writing by the 15th of the month if you plan to discontinue lessons. We understand that kids can change interests; however, we encourage parents not to rush to a decision at the first sign of resistance. Part of the payoff of music education is the knowledge that with a little bit of hard work, students can overcome difficult challenges. Students are often proudest of the pieces that were the most difficult to learn, even if they sometimes wanted to give up along the way.

How long will it take to learn to play?

We get this question all the time, but there’s really no answer. There is no end, no “finish line” to what a student can learn – there is always something more than can be learned, whether it’s a new style, better technique, or improved expression. In the short term, students can expect to start playing right away, and in just a few weeks, the lessons will include simple melodies that students will recognize. As time goes on, a broader musical knowledge and improved technique will unlock more difficult (and more rewarding) repertoire.

Am I too old to learn?

Only if you think you are! We’ve taught students from 4 to 84. If you’re interested in learning and willing to dedicate the time, it’s never too late.

OK, you sold me. How do I get started?

Great! To get started making music, just call us at 804-364-4488 or email us at We’ll find a lesson time and a teacher to suit you best and get you enrolled right away!